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Simatic Step by Step Video Tutorials


Simatic Step by Step Guides | 214MB

General description

“STEP 7 Step by Step” is a tool to lower the learning curve of STEP 7. The CD is targeting first users or occasional users of STEP 7 and guides them through the basic tasks in the design, configuration, programming and troubleshooting phases. It shows the user what to do step by step and provides a complete movie along with a narrative explanation for each task. The CD also includes ADVANCED FEATURES pointing out unique features in each phase from design to troubleshooting as well as FAQ’s covering typical questions that a beginner might have.


How do I …
• Create a new project
• Use the project wizard
• Insert a hardware station
• Insert a PC-Station
• Add a PROFIBUS DP network
• Add a device to the PROFIBUS network
• Archive and retrieve a project

Advanced Features

! All automation components in one project
! Save project with comments and symbols on the PLC
! Design from PLC to network OR network to PLC
! Store your work on a local computer or server
! Create your own library


How do I …
• Assign or change I/O addresses
• Configure a signal module
• Set the CPU network address
• Configure CPU interrupts
• Assign a PROFIBUS DP slave address
• Add a local expansion rack

Advanced Features

! Automatic addressing of local / remote I/O
! Graphical network configuration
! Ability to use any PROFIBUS DP component
! Create your own hardware catalog
! Incorporate SIMATIC S5 and SIMATIC


How do I …
• Create a linear program
• Select the programming language
• Use symbolic names
• Create a subroutine
• Create a reusable subroutine
• Create a cross reference
• Download a program
• Display program status
• Use data types

Advanced Features

! Support of different programming methodologies
! STEP 7 provides all IEC61131-3 programming languages
! Program compatibility between hardware PLC and software PLC
! Multi Instance Data Block
! Protect your code or program
! Generate Source files
Develop your own data type


How do I …
• Prepare a connection to the PLC
• Locate PLC faults
• Monitor variables
• Modify / Force variables
• Upload entire PLC
• Upload a program
• Compare programs
• Clear PLC memory

Advanced Features

! Remote access via modem and the Internet
! Diagnostic and interrupt capabilities
! Automatic navigation from error report to place of use
! Graphical hardware diagnostics
! Display force values
! Test of PLC hardware and field devices
! Consistency Check
! CPU messages

STEP 7 in general

Features & Benefits
! STEP 7 is core component of Totally Integrated Automation (T.I.A.)
! STEP 7 is more than a PLC programming software package
! Integration of HMI – from the Operator Panel to the Internet.
! Integration of drives
! Support of different bus systems
! Integrated system diagnostics
! Multi language support
! Open command interface



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