Dec 192011


LinuxCBT DBMS () Edition Total Size: 2.81 GB


LinuxCBT DBMS Edition establishes the foundation for successful deployments and administration of the popular Open Source DBMS Engines: MySQL and PostgreSQL by exploring many features including but not limited to DML & DDL Statements, Terminal Monitor, shell-based clients, graphical clients, MyODBC, storage engines, data imports & exports, and Perl & PHP integration.

LinuxCBT DBMS Edition prepares you for successfully deploying MySQL and PostgreSQL based DBMS solutions.

Let LinuxCBT DBMS Edition cost-effectively sharpen your Open Source DBMS skills!

Recommended Prerequisites for:

* Any LinuxCBT Operating System Course /EL|SLES|Deb Editions/
o Open mind & determination to master Linux and related open-source applications
o Basic understanding of networking concepts
o Access to a PC to follow the exercises
DBMS Edition feat. MySQL
* MySQL Installation
* Terminal Monitor Shell Client
* User Administration
* Show Commands & Options Files
* Key MySQL Client Utilities
* Key Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements
* Key Data Types
* Key Data Definition Language (DDL) Statements
* Stored Routines (Functions & Procedures)
* Replication Configuration
* Logging
* Win32 Integration
* Storage Engines
* phpMyAdmin
* PHP5 Integration

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