Nov 222011
Etap 7.0 With Full Modules electrical power system

Etap 7.0 With Full Modules electrical power system | 2.11GB


ETAP is the most comprehensive enterprise solution for design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems.

ETAP offers a suite of fully integrated Electrical Engineering software solutions including arc flash, load flow, short circuit, transient stability, relay coordination, cable ampacity, optimal power flow, and more. Its modular functionality can be customized to fit the needs of any company, from small to large power systems


This release adds new powerful analysis modules and time-saving capabilities to the ETAP suite. This brochure highlights key functionality in Release 7.0 of ETAP, which encompasses a broad and robust set of new features and enhancements.

One-Line Diagram
– Auto-Select
– Keyboard Shortcuts
– Symbol library
Load Analyzer
Single-Phase Arc Flash
Arc Flash Analyzer
Switching Management

2- Modules (Enhanced)

– Base Package
– Load Flow Analysis
– Arc Flash Analysis
– Transient Stability
– Harmonic Analysis
– Device Coordination / Selectivity
– Sequence-of-Operation
– Data Exchange

3-ETAP Real-Time (Enhanced)
– Real-Time Server
– Advanced Monitoring
– Predictive Simulation
– Automatic Generation Control
– Energy Accounting
– Load Forecasting
– Intelligent Load Shedding
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